If you want to be Happy ..there are infinite reasons to be happy..many of us think when i will get successfull then i will be happy..i want to clear there is difference between to get successfull and to be happy.  How? I am a successfull person and i am happy but no you are wrong.. Eg: if you are a successfull singer u r in no.1 position, obvious there will be people who are in position 2,3,4 they will be thinking if he/she will die i will take that position..and all…if you think you will be happy with those persons no  u cant..now just imagine * you are in orphanage between those children you are playing guitar singing melodies.. *You are surrounded by your dear ones and you are demanded to sing their favrite songs.. To make them stressed out.. *you are already superstar for those childern and for ur dear ones..😉..u can never get happiness around your compititors..if you became the superstar of country but to get inner happiness you have to do the things which  i mentioned above…you can only get happiness by spending quality time not by fame and money…. So live your life to the fullest.

If your basic nature is to be happy, you will be happy even if i will give you a hut to live..but if your basic nature is to be sad even if i will put you in castle you will be like i am confinment here…( abe mehel me hai tu kaid kya hota h??😂) what type of basic nature you want is in your hand. 

 And whenever you are sad just remember one reason from infinte and smile.. SPEND good quality time..express your happiness..spread joy ..thats life..💗


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