Crop top_jeans  and blouse_saree covers same part of the body…then why only crop top_jeans is blamed…😢 And if so then why blouse_saree is traditional dress? Why??😕


29 thoughts on “WHY??

  1. The reason being that these dresses were coined by us, Indians. And these are the ones which have been termed as traditional by our culture.

    And also that these crop skirts and all that are western influence and they are decreasing the saree population, by hitting the culture right in it’s gut. The “sanskari” elders can’t just digest this. Hence.

    But what are they blamed for, in your opinion?

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      1. The question was not what I know or don’t. It was about what you are referring to.

        Because, people blame just not for the dress. They blame everything about a women, conveniently they find the dress. It’s not that a women in Saree has never been molested. It’s a sad state that people put the blame on others(women for the things men do) without actually solving the problem at hand. And that, that makes me angry.

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      2. Yeah, that’s the problem. The society doesn’t seem to grow up.
        The people are not changing their thinking.
        The problem is no one is doing anything. Everyone is just saying, “we want change” but doing nothing for the change.

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      3. The perception of our friends and people we know might be a good start, but the people actually doing the “ill act” would still be getting away or we might see more of such incidents. 😦

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  2. परम्परा के नाम पर हम एक उच्च दर्जे के मानसिक गुलामी में जी रहे हैं | यह बात सचमुच हमारी मानसिकता पर प्रश्नचिन्ह लगाता है ;साथ ही परम्परा के आड़ में हमारी दोहरी मानसिकता की तरफ़ भी इशारा करता है |

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